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blueplanet 125.0 TL3

  • Provides optimized system voltage for solar power plants by 1500V modular type
  • IP66 outdoor wall mounting type. Lightweight design as 80kg total and operation in ambient temperature between -25˚C ~ 60˚C
  • World first inverter using Silicon carbide semiconductors and increased durability
  • Test run and maintenance are allowed by remote service
125kW Outdoor(1500V)

DC input data

Max. recommended PV generator 185.5kW
MPP Voltage Range 875 ~ 1300V
Operating range 875 ~ 1450V
Rated DC voltage / start voltage 900 V / 1000 V
Max. no-load voltage 1500 V
Max. input current 160A
Max. short circuit currentlsc max 300A
Number of MPP tracker 1
Connection per tracker 2

AC output data

Rated Output 125000VA
Max. power 137500VA
Line voltage 600V (3P+PE)
Voltage range (Ph-Ph) 480 - 760 V
Rated frequency (range) 50Hz / 60Hz (45 - 65Hz)
Rated current 3 x 120.3A
Max. current 3 x 132.3A
Reactive power/cos phi 0 - 100% Snom / 0.30 ind. - 0.30 cap.
Max. total harmonic distortion (THD) ≤ 3%
Number of grid phases 3

Mechanical data

Display LEDs
Control units webserver, mobile app
Interfaces Ethernet, USB, RS485, optional: 4-DI, WIFI
Fault signalling relay potential-free NOC max. 30V / 1A
DC connection cable lug, max. 240㎟ (0.372 in2) Cu or Al
AC connection cable lug, max. 240㎟ (0.372 in2) Cu or Al
Ambient temperature -25℃ - +60℃
Humidity 0 - 100%
Max. installation elevation (above MSL) 3000m
Min. distance from coast 2000 m / 500 m (OD+ version)
Cooling temperature controlled fan
Protection class IP66 / NEMA 4X
Noise emission < 96 db (A)
H x W x D 719 x 699 x 450 mm
Weight < 80 kg

General Data

Max. Efficiency >99.0%
Europ. Efficiency >98.5%
CEC. Efficiency > 98.5%
Standby consumption < 10W
Circuitry topology Transformerless
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