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OCI Power supports variety environment-friendly businesses, especially in solar industry. OCI Power owns and operates numbers of renewable power plants in Korea and in abroad. With these profound experiences in EPC and O&M, we provide customers the optimized business solution.
We also manufacture reliable products such as PV inverter, PCS for ESS, and other peripheral devices which can boost your plants’ performance easily. Including the integrated power solution, OCI Power provides very flexible and optimized solution for any business environment.
With our domestic and international experiences including US, China, etc., OCI Power is always ready to support you to maximize your business performances.


OCI, originally established in 1951 under the name Oriental Chemical Industries and renamed in 2009, is a global green energy chemical company and a leader in environmentally-friendly renewable energies. OCI engages in photovoltaic enterprise including polysilicon critical to solar batteries, in addition to creating various chemical products such as coal chemistry products and carbon materials. OCI supplies 10N Grade+ polysilicon, the highest in purity, to the world, and has constructed a max-scale 600MW solar power plant in Texas. Through OCI’s diverse portfolio for a sustainable future, including engagement with related industries such as IPP (Independent Power Producer) and ESS (Energy Storage System), OCI strives to be a Global Leading Green Energy and Chemical Company.


Basic Chemicals

Polysilicon / Hydrogen Peroxide / Sodium Percarbonate / Fumed Silica / Chlor-alkali

Petrochemicals & Carbon Materials

Carbon Black / Pitch / TDI / Benzene / Toluene / Xylene (BTX) / Dioctyl terephthalate (DOP)

Energy Solutions

Solar Energy / Energy Storage Systems / Cogeneration


KACO new energy Korea, a former inverter manufacturer and subsidiary of the German KACO new energy GmbH, has become affiliated with OCI after being acquired by OCI subsidiary OCI Power on January 15th, 2019. KACO new energy’s Korean independent research centers and Gunsan Manufacturing Plant will continue to research and manufacture under the name of OCI Power. Combined with bulk inverter technical skills, we provide a more stable product through higher quality service, obtaining exclusive rights to small inverters currently being produced in Germany. Our products are composed of 20kW–IPS 2MW grade small and large inverters and PCS for Energy Storage Systems. 80% of the production amount is sent to Europe, the Americas, and around the world, assuring the quality of our products. We have successfully installed the largest single solar power plant in America, the 600MW OCI Project, and continue to operate the plant, and guarantee superior performance in Energy Storage System construction through our PCS and Energy Storage Systems.


Energy Solution

PV Inverter Solution / ESS Solution


Solar PV System


String Inverter / Hybrid Inverter /
Reactive Power Inverters

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