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ESS Cube - Central type

  • Optimized design for cooling system, controlling for temperature differences between batteries and calculation of cooling capacity to achieve the targeting designed life span and performance
  • GRP heat insulation enclosure, nonflammable VIP (vacuum insulation 1,200˚C), HVAC
  • Fire detection sensor / solid aerosol automatic firefighting system
  • Battery: Enhanced safety design(SPD, Fuse) of Samsung SDI battery, battery management (cell voltage, temperature, etc.)
100kW, ESS Cube

DC Input

Rated Capacity 100kW
Efficiency 96.6%
Operation Range 200 – 1000V

AC Output

Samsung SDI198S 342kWh (68kWh x 5)

General Specification

Dimension (W x H x L) 3,800 x 2,900 x 2,800
Weight < 6 ton
HVAC Wall mounting inverter (Cooling: 2,500W / Heating: 3,200W)
FFS Solid aerosol
DCP Class 2 On-site power Bat, Rack control power
Protection Level IP54 Outdoor
Controller ESS control and data collection

Controller ESS control and data collection
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