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  • Highly reliable product of power 1,500W through reliable components and close quality control
  • Protection IP66 class for outdoor use for water installation
  • Guaranteed one-stop service from delivery to maintenance thorough the linked between central Inverter and after service
  • Monitoring function linked with Inverter
PV combiner box for 1500V (20CH)

DC Input

Rated input power 1,250V
Max. voltage 1,500 V
Rated input current 9.99 A / CH
DC input channel 20 CH
DC input cable entry 35 x Φ 3.2-6.5mm, IP68 (UL)
DC input wiring Direct wiring to Fuse holder
Fuse Holder 1,500 VDC 32A (IEC and UL)
LED Indicator(CE)
String protection Fuse 10x85 gPV 20A (IEC and UL)
Diode existence N
Surge Protection Device(SPD) Continuous operating voltage DC 1,500V, nominal discharge current (Imax, 8/20) 40 kA

DC Output

DC rated output 199.8 A
Switch Disconnector 1,500 V, 250 A (EN 60947 2)
DC output cable entry 2 x Φ 12 27 mm, IP68 (UL)

Mechanical data

Maximum operational altitude 2,000 m
Cooling Natural cooling
Size (W x H x D) 710 x 1123 x 250 (wall mounted)
Materials STS304 (1.5t)
Weight 48 kg
Installation method Wall mounted type

Environment data

Operating temperature range -20 ℃℃~ +40
Ambient temperature -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
Relative humidity 0 ~ 90% RH
Protection class IP66
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